3E Logistic AG | Welcome

3E Logistic AG Basel defines its target as the designing and development of creative and future-oriented logistics solutions.

The company specialises in the processing and handling of residual materials from the environmental sector ranging to sensitive and problematic waste products.

The planning, execution and supervision of legislation-compliant solutions at top level embraces the ideology and identity of our company.

„ Future living – Designing sustainability“

We regard it as our responsibility to combine innovative technology and economically viable action in a manner which benefits both humans and the environment. 3E Logistic AG was established in autumn 1997 to embrace this target.

The name of 3E originated from the English words (European environmental ecological logistics). The 3Es possess a far-reaching significance for the company because the entire corporate policy is built up on these three words which are also a commitment we have made.

Since 01.01.2014 Mr. Jürgen Blum from Steinen (Germany) took over the company 3E Logistic AG by the family Beeler and is active as president of the executive board. His son Benjamin Blum is active as director and also member of the executive board. Mr. Ernst Beeler is still active in the company as director and is responsible for a smooth transition.

As can be gathered from the name 3E, the focus of our activity is concentrated on the European zone. The activities can be segmented into 3 business areas:

  •  Logistic services in the environmental sector, authority management, consulting etc.
  • Logistic services in the conventional field, such as liquid products, bulk solids, warehousing etc.
  • Logistic auxiliary services in the fields of packaging, means of transport and safety measures

Our human capital and the associated know how are the essential factors of our activities.

Creative intelligence also carries an obligation to think and act in a future-oriented manner


The company's quality policy

The management has defined, documented and announced the company's quality policy as follows:

  • economic (economic / logical) operations
  • All activities are geared towards long-term customer satisfaction
  • Assertion and expansion of the market position
  • Environmentally friendly and legally compliant shipment / recycling / disposal of the (accumulating) waste to be transported

Quality assurance can only be guaranteed if each employee is responsible for his own work.